What is inflammation? And why does is matter for infertility?

Written May 5th, 2020

What is inflammation? | How does inflammation influence the body?

Pathological consequences of inflammation | Inflammation and reproduction

Inflammation (noun): a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection.


On a physiological level inflammation is a HEALING process. You read that correctly, inflammation is actually a POSITIVE process that initiates repair and healing within the body. Where inflammation becomes negative is when inflammation become CHRONIC; meaning stays longer than needed.

Inflammation in basic terminology is the activated immune response to invaded or damaged tissue. Your body experiences damage; foreign object (external trauma), internal foreign invader (pathogens - bacteria, viruses, parasites) or toxins (chemical, environmental etc.) which lead to an activated immune response.

The immune response can be split into 2 categories; innate and adaptive. Innate is the initial response to the trauma and active is essentially the recruitment of programmed help.

Your body is going to want to trap or contain the problem to the area. It's also going to want to get as many immune cells there as possible to stop the infection or problem. This is why we see acute redness, swelling, heat, pain and potential loss of function.

Think of it this way, your blood vessels are expanding because it wants to get as many helpers it can to the tissue to repair. Therefore it's going to expand the amount of fluid volume in the space (swelling), blood supply will increase (redness), expansive properties will cause (pain) on surrounding pain receptors and heat will be the war at work!


We know that inflammation is a normal process of healing. But what happens when the inflammation becomes low grade chronic or worse?

Inflammation becomes a concern when it stays for an extended period of time. Not only is it extremely damaging to the tissue and organs experiencing chronic inflammation, but it also uses up vital resources that are needed for the body to function.


Inflammation is a pathological response too many reproductive conditions (listed below). That is, most chronic conditions result in inflammation and not the other way around.


1. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

2. Endometriosis

3. Endometritis

4. Fibroids

5. Cervicitis

6. UTI (urinary tract infections)

7. PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)

Many of these conditions lead to long term complications in the reproductive due to the excessive amount of prolonged inflammation. We see fusing of the uterus or cervix, scar tissue, tube abnormalities, you name it, long term inflammation isn't a good thing. So what can we do about it?

Let's explore the consequences of long term inflammation....


It takes a lot of energy to reproduce a baby. From the point of conception all the way to birth you are using vital resources of the body! Therefore it makes sense that the body wouldn't allow you to reproduce unless it has these vital resources available....

Modern medicine has yet to acknowledge the amount of energy required for fertility

and the connection between infertility, chronic conditions and miscarriages. So we are going to discuss that here...

Anthony Williams (Medical Medium) brought my attention to something called Low Reproductive System Battery. It is acknowledgment that the reproductive system functions on essential energy reserves. That is, it needs energy to function.

When the body is dealing with inflammation, chronic conditions, emotional trauma, psychological/financial stress, it is using vital energy stores.

The bodies energy is not infinite, it has a ceiling just like anything else in nature. When all the resources and supplies are used up, there isn't enough for other processes; especially conception.

Labour itself takes a lot of energy. Therefore, it wouldn't make sense for your body to struggle through pregnancy only to not be able to have the baby and live through the process. Your body is not failing you, you are not broken...your body is protecting you.

Our mindset about medicine and healing needs to move to a more empowering story. We've never been so disconnected from our bodies, our minds and our health.

We blame our bodies immediately when it doesn't work, never even contemplating or viewing the full picture.

The reproductive system needs fuel to function. And that requires the removal of other processes such as inflammation, poor health, stress, etc. that lead to these unfavourable outcomes.

If you want to heal your reproductive system you need to be willing to view it as a battery. And batteries need charge to function and work properly.

If you've been diagnosed with one of the chronic conditions above, or unexplained infertility, chances are your reproductive battery is running really low. Luckily there are a lot of tools that can help bring it back to life.

3 Things you can start immediately to recharge your batteries:

1.) Diet change is a must --> Cleansing, detoxing and findings supportive foods filled with (natural sugars - glucose)

2.) Stress management --> Control your mind or your mind will control you (work on your mindset, find tools that support stress release and allow you to avoid emotional drain)

3.) Find a mindful practice --> integrating faith and spirituality not only gives you a new state of mind, but allows you to change the story about your journey and your body. Moving away from blame and into empowerment will bring the recharge back!

If you are looking for a coach and strategy, check out the fertility vault.

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