The fertility journey will test everything you have. It will test your patience, your emotional resources, your financial resources, your relationships and your life strategy. Our innate ability to overcome these obstacles, comes down to how strong our roots are.

Strong roots will teach you to how to regulate in the storm. It will teach you how to stand strong in the storm, but most importantly it will develop a sense of self that you wouldn't have otherwise developed.

The infertility community breeds warriors, because that is the nature of the journey.


How fast we grow roots, determines how fast we move ahead.


Emotional Intelligence 

Learn how to regulate your emotions regardless of what is going on externally. True mastery is maintaining clarity when life throws you a storm.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development involves connecting with your higher-self and intuitive capabilities. It is understand who you are regardless of labels and expectations.

Healthy Lifestyle

Learning the Pilars of health allows you to understand why the body works the way it does and what fuel can best be used to increase energy levels and stamina.


Walking through fire is better when you are doing it alongside some bada*s warriors. You don't have to do it alone anymore.


The Fertility Vault is unlike anything you've seen before. 

While most fertility programs focus on surface solutions, Melanie pioneered a strategy that goes deep beyond the physical plane. Most strategies available right now, are not fully comprehensive of the the mind-body-soul. That is why many women in the infertility space undergo multiple IVF failed attempts, IUI failed attempts, FET, Clomid etc. Leaving women 2+ years down the road wondering if they are ever going to have children.

There is a missing piece to the puzzle and it is deep integration.

Melanie recognized this missing piece on her own personal journey through PCOS, social anxiety and depression. While fixing the physical levels always temporarily worked, if never gave her the lasting results she was looking for. That's when she began to dig deeper. 

On the dive into emotional healing, spiritual healing and the power of her mind, Melanie came across life changing material that catapulted her life in a new direction. Melanie now understands that healing must involve multiple levels in order to be long-lasting and truly effective at the origin; something ancient medicine knew a long time ago.

Uncovering these hidden truths was not only life changing for her journey, but life changing for every person she's had the opportunity to guide and work alongside.

With coaching you receive a fast forward on a decade of trial & errors tools, information and techniques that will save you time moving forward with your fertility. 

The power of these tools is that they don't only work for one area or our lives. As we begin to transform one area we watch the world around us also transform.

Ready to take the step forward?

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Nadia Joy

 "I have been on a healing journey for 12 years, trying everything possible to heal my pcos and endometriosis. Within minutes of meeting Melanie she was able to pin point my physical and energetic blockages. She provided me with tools, remedies and techniques to support me on the next chapter of my healing journey"

Alyssa Olerud

“Fertility issues are so broad and there is so much information out there that it become confusing. Mel does a great job of breaking down the science of certain things and giving you actionable steps to take. I must have done something right because shortly after going through the course and implementing some of her suggestions, 

I was able to conceive my first child... 

something my doctor's told me wouldn't be likely without their help."

Shabnam P

 "She has a presence about her that encourages me to want to change and challenge my ways of thinking. Melanie continues to listen and challenge my ways of thinking without judgment. She takes the time to truly get to know me, what my struggles and strengths are, what my goals are, and why I want to pursue my aspirations."





Week 1

The first week is focused on tools and techniques that can be utilized in the physical plane. We will examine various research on fertility and discuss the science of foods, environmental toxins and their implications for health.

*Workbooks included & Video lectures Included* 

Week 2

The second week is all about mindset mastery. We go deep into the subconscious mind through exercises that help us map our current limiting. beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. This is where the deep work starts. 

*Workbooks, Exercises & Video lectures Included* 

Week 3

The third week is designed to dig deeper into our spiritual self and practices. Through the integration of mindfulness we begin to harness the energy systems and work on any energy blockages that maybe stopping us from moving forward.

*Workbooks, Exercises & Video lectures Included* 

Week 4

The four is about discussing foods & nutrition for the reproductive system and low reproductive battery (MM). We will discuss the latest research on food science and what the current dos and don'ts are and why.

*Workbooks & Video lectures Included* 

Week 5

The five is all about supplements and the current science behind their benefits and uses. We will discuss supplements on the market and their common uses in  liver health, adrenal health & chronic illness.

*Workbooks & Video lectures Included* 

Week 6

The six is all about pulling it together. Using all the resources, tools and information you gathered and putting it into a plan that suits you. This is about deep integration. Practicing what you've learned.

*1:1 Coaching Included


Alyssa Olerud (Fertility Vault Member)

Tonya Nelson (Fertility Vault Member)

Christiana Greene(Fertility Vault Member)


Christiana Greene

I have wanted to be a mom all my life. I was raised in a large pastors family and i have grown up working with children and been surrounded by babies. I went to school for theatre thinking i could teach drama and music if i didn’t marry and have kids right away. Fast forward through a divorce, I had no idea how hard it may be to conceive. I happily remarried the man of my dreams and in the first two years of marriage we got two dogs and we started trying. After one year of no conception, we both got tested finding out that he has a lower count than we would like, but we kept on trying. Many people tried to pray and offer advice and different methods, asking me nosy questions over these hard months that have turned into years. On New Year’s eve right as we looked hopeful to a bright 2019, we were devastated to find out our first embryo failed and didn’t stick in my first transfer. After getting over that devastation we are hopeful after the covid crisis to try to transfer my second embryo. While adoption is wonderful we have already spent thousands on ivf. We just don’t know if it’s even possible.


Now that we have been trying for six long years, it’s hard to stay hopeful and positive when there’s no guarantees especially during this uncertain time. When I recently found Melanie Legend and her Fertility Vault as well as her 7 Day Hormonal Rehab Challenge, I was so excited. I have tried so many different things, I figured "It won't hurt to give a Fertility Coach a Try!" and I did a 7 day cleanse during that challenge.  I have found her to be extremely encouraging and positive, a big help to me mentally, physically and spiritually.  I want to be in the best shape and mindset before a baby comes, and she is WORTH IT with her sound quality advice, knowledge, expertise, her training is right up my alley.  I recommend her with my highest regards as she is helping me stay balanced and whole, in mind, body, spirit and soul! Self care is really important during the Crisis and during Infertility, so I'm hopeful that I will meet my goals and come out a stronger woman!

-Christiana R.S. Greene



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