Frequently asked questions

Why Loose Leaf Tea?

Our decision to go loose leaf was based on health & environmental sustaibility principles. While it is not our aim to treat, cure or diagnose, we feel that educating you on our decisions is also an empowered way to health. In the article below: "Research out this week in Environmental Science & Technology reveals that plastic tea bags are doing a lot more than holding on to your tea. When you steep them in hot water — AKA make tea — they break down just enough to release billions of plastic microparticles right into your beverage" To read more about this deicison check out our blog post here!

Are These Teas Certified Organic?

Most of our blends are purely organic, however our two blends Purfying Tea & Slimming Tea have Oolong which is not purely organic. Therefore those are considered organic blends rather than purely 100% organic.

Will These Tea Get Me Pregnant?

Pregnancy is individual for everyone. Our teas do not replace the advice of your medical professional. Always ask your Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist or Holistic Nutritionist before adding herbal medicine.

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