Healing Through Miscarriage 

This book was designed to help you through the stages of miscarriage. It will help you heal the emotional wounds associated with the journey and elevate your perspective for the journey forward.


This offering includes:

  • Transformative exercises 

  • Affirmation work and how to use it properly

  • Healing meditations 

  • Healing colour therapy 

  • Spiritual knowledge and wisdom 


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The Miracle Mind;

The Power Of Self-Healing

The Miracle Mind: The Power of Self-Healing is a journey, an enticing perspective that dips into the world of science, spirituality, and alternative medicine. As we explore the ancient depths of traditional healing practices, we connect on a scientific level to truth and understanding. 

As we begin to harness the power within, we open the doors to communicating with ourselves, our purpose, and our abilities. 

Each chapter is intertwined with its own unique flavor. From unique worksheets, learning checks, personal reflections, fun facts, and exercises, you become the master of your own mind. And with mastering your mind, you find the pinnacle of what it takes to master your reality. If you want to change, the climb is waiting.


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