Who Is Melanie?

And what does she know about fertility? 


Melanie started her journey at Western University where she started her first degree (Honours Specialization in Health Science with Biology). 


After graduation, Melanie attended RCSI-MUB (Royal College Of Surgeons Ireland - Bahrain) for 2.5 years. At which point, she had what some may call a "spiritual awakening". Shortly after this shift in perspective, Melanie decided to leave medical school and travel home. 


in 2018 she started her Naturopathic Medicine Doctorate Degree at CCNM (Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine). Currently in her 2nd year.


Melanie has always been passionate about women's health, especially after navigating her own journey through PCOS. Her career is now geared towards infertility, pre & post natal treatments, with a drive to be of service to women & children. 


After working with multiple clients on hormone regulation, and fertility Melanie found her passion in redefining what fertility treatment looks like. Encompassing a mind-body-soul approach Melanie aims to teach women how to become empowered about their health, curious about their hormones and most importantly healed from the origin!

Her list of accomplishments: 

Author: The Miracle Mind; The Power of Self-Healing 


Founder of: Melanie Legend Inc.

UFE Bodybuilding Competitor 

Successful Entrepreneur (ANATU/SAD System) Mental Health Coach

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